Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Add Toolbar Plugins to Dojo Rich Text Editor Builder

Websphere Portlet Factory (WPF) has been incrementally adding dojo features to their product over the last few releases. I recently assessed the dojo rich text editor to see how it compared to the features in sharepoint 2010, and found that it has a few tricks that can trump it (at least in the context of my evaluation).

Hidden Plugins

The dojo rich text editor builder provides several check boxes to enable a number of tools on the toolbar, but some sleuthing in the factory\dojo\dijit\_editor\plugins directory revealed some more tools. Dojo's rich text editor provides a plugin mechanism to add tools to the toolbar so I decided to experiment with FullScreen.js. Since we don't have a check box for this in the builder, I'm going to add it directly using javascript:

<span name="richTextEditorGoesHere"/>

<script type="text/javascript"> 
gcps.assessmentWidget = '<%= IDGenerator.getCurrentID(webAppAccess, "inline_widget") %>';

    var widget = dijit.byId(gcps.assessmentWidget);

WPF generates the value for ID attributes, so I had to use a call to IDGenerator.getCurrentID to get my hands on that value and store it. The value inline_widget is static and is what the builder uses internally, take a look at the source tab in the designer and you'll see what I mean. It is important to put this script immediately after the placeholder for the builder richTextEditorGoesHere or it won't work.

If we run our model we should now see a new icon on the toolbar which will cause the rich text editor to maximize when clicked:

I think that covers all the details, pretty cool stuff! I wish the guys at IBM would have put this in the builder, but we can still work around it.
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