Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vague Error Message with Sametime Proxy

More insight related to my work with the integration of sametime into a portal theme. If anyone runs into this error:

SystemOut.log:[3/7/11 12:41:01:852 EST] 00000022 STLoginServle W loginbyToken  CLFRX0055E: unable to retrieve login credentials

the message is a little misleading. Yes, it cannot retrieve the login credentials, but why exactly? The proxy will produce this error if it cannot find at least one of the following in the request:
  • password
  • LtpaToken
  • LtpaToken2
  • SametimeToken
 In my case I was using SSO through a Webseal reverse proxy and I failed to qualify my junction as an LTPA junction. Webseal wasn't sending the token causing the above error.
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