Monday, April 11, 2011

Adding Custom Snippets to the WPF Picker

Like most websphere software, portlet factory is very customizable and contains several config files which enable the developer to do this. Right now I'm going to focus on the /WEB-INF/config/IndirectJavaExpressions.config file.

Add Your Own Code
I'm busy using dojo with WPF, and one of the things that I know will come up often is the ability to provide a URL to a model so it can display some HTML. I'll probably be using the reference chooser to this:

Now I could just select the replace with java expression item and then type in my code, but that would get tedious and I like things that snap into place (like WPF builders). I can quickly leverage WPF customization by appending some resuable code to the IndirectJavaExpressions.config in my project:

DsixE/AjaxPageURL=JSPSupport.getActionURL(webAppAccess, \
     webAppAccess.getBackchannelURLMapper(false), "keep_page:yourPageHere")

I save the file and go back to my model and now I see this:

I can add any number of shortcuts to this file and deploy to a team, instantly increasing their productivity and the quality of the applications they build.
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