Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Using soapUI with WebSEAL

In previous posts I explained how it is possible to invoke web services through a browser using javascript, and sometimes the service needs to be debugged using soapUI through WebSEAL.

WebSEAL and Cookies
My current infrastructure uses WebSEAL as a reverse proxy, which means that a session must be established before any of the back end servers can be accessed, including the server hosting my web service. This poses a
problem with soapUI which doesn't provide a mechanism to log into WebSEAL directly, instead I can establish the session using a browser and then copy the cookies into the tool.

Log into the application server and authenticate as usual, then copy the cookies using firebug:

Then paste the
cookies into soapUI:

Now all requests will forward the cookie information which WebSEAL should recognize, allowing it to pass through as authenticated.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Certification for Web Experience Factory

After 20 years of working in the IT industry, I thought it would be nice to get a certification in something, so I finally took the time to study the new features in WEF 7 and attempt the test.

Hard to Know Everything

Rarely does one have the opportunity to learn all the features of a product, usually a client will focus on a subset of functionality because of the way they do things. One can become an expert with those features, but this produces a false sense that the expertise extends to everything. My case was no exception. Fortunately I worked with WEF on several client engagements which gave me a broader experience.

Why is this relevant? I strongly suggest that anyone who wants to take a certification test attempt a sample test first, which is what I did. It allowed me to evaluate the level of difficulty (it was not easy) and also pointed out the gaps that I needed to focus on.

So there it is, my first certification and a new footnote on my email signature.