Monday, April 9, 2012

Managing CVS Branches with WEF

Today I finally had the time to resolve a problem I had experienced regarding branches on CVS with web experience factory. Sometimes I want to work with a branch that, for some unknown reason, doesn't show up in eclipse drop down lists. I know it exists, but I have no means to select it.

Eclipse and CVS Branches
The solution to the problem is documented in this eclipse CVS FAQ list, but it's worth mentioning in a WEF blog because we typically don't check in the .project file. As the FAQ explains, eclipse looks at this file to determine which branches are available for a project, so we have to change the CVS configuration to look at another file instead.

Checking in the .project file causes problems when later attempting to check out using the new WEF project wizard. Following the instructions in the FAQ above provides an easy work around.

Hope someone finds some use in this tidbit of information.