Monday, April 1, 2013

Deploying WARs With a Script

I've wanted to figure this out for a long time and yesterday I finally put together a script that updates a WAR to WebSphere. I have WebSphere Portal running locally on my development box and running the following command will use wsadmin to update a freshly built WAR to the server:

sudo /opt/IBM/WPS8/WebSphere/wp_profile/bin/ -conntype SOAP -user wpsadmin -password wpsadmin -c "\$AdminApp update POC_WS_war app {-operation update -contents /home/dsixe/WEF/POC_WS.war}"

It took me a while to find out why my script wasn't working, the $AdminApp command requires a \ prefix on non-windows platforms. I initially thought that somebody else would have published a clear example of how to deploy with a script, but I just couldn't find one with repeated google searches (at least none that had the \ prefix).
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